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An information portal that informs its community about the prospects of trend niches in the market, trotting, and the search for quality brokers. GO TOP recently mentioned Global Maxis on its website, where it talked about the advantages and disadvantages. Go to the article and read more about what the experts of this portal think and what hopes are placed on us.

How did GlobalMaxis get to the top of brokers 2020? We analyze the market.

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Why in 2020 is there a good reason to start working with GlobalMaxis?

Reliable partner of each investor who works with brokerage companies. An active platform with a large community and high activity. The site regularly monitors the activity of existing brokers and displays a rating list. In addition to choosing a broker, you can also find out what reputation he has gained to date! See the Global Maxis on the On rate website.

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B Invest about GlobalMaxis and what are the shortcomings. Detailed broker’s analytics

I have not left out the generally accepted portal about investments B-Invest. Today we will talk about the Globalmaxis platform.


For me personally, the most important and most responsible step to start multiplying my profits was the question “How and where can I find a broker?”. After rereading blogs, reviews and surfing the sites, I meticulously treated different companies. But once I accidentally came to a seminar from a broker Global Maxis, which has several departments of analytics, which actually impressed me, and also provide an opportunity to learn from them with the prospect of employment. Literally next week I decided to learn everything from the inside and took their intensive course. I myself could not understand much honestly, but I was able to understand the level of professionalism of the guys. A month later I decided to make a small contribution, and two weeks later I got my first profit. Most of all I was confident that I was able to communicate live with representatives of this broker and emphasize “See their professionalism” in practice!


First of all, I want to thank the whole team of this broker for their hard work and care about their clients! Our acquaintance began in 2015 when I first decided to try to invest my finances in brokerage corporations! I believe that the most important thing in this approach is to properly explain the whole process and warn about possible risks! I am well aware that the market is changing every day and you need to keep up with it, so I want to say that Global Maxis is doing just great! Finally, I want to say that the most important thing is just to find the most reliable brokers you can trust once and only then you will remain calm in your heart.


I will start with the fact that I just decided to try because of interest and there was no goal to quickly increase my amount by several times. Many people say that money should work for you and that’s what made me dive into the investment field. I was offered to finance for a long time, but the whole problem was that I didn’t have a big amount of money and I just wanted to try to increase it by at least half to see how it worked and if it worked at all. I turned my attention to the financial markets, where something is always changing and there is not much stability, because I believe that this method can be earned, roughly speaking, based on trends. But I also understood that it is necessary to know the market, to be able to analyze deeply and make correct calculations. I decided to split the amount into 3 parts and invested three different brokers. One broker merged at once, the second one did not bring any profit as such, but the first one took over, which multiplied my profit 3 times after half a month. For me, this fact was a proof of the efficiency of these guys, I’m talking about Global Maxis, which inspired me not only to get income, but also to start teaching this sphere myself! Thank you for your work, support and simply human attitude to people!